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Who we are

FAMCO SRS is among the oldest and well reputed Share Registrar. FAMCO SRS presently has over 90 share registration clients, including PSX blue chip companies. These comprise of leading multinationals, prestigious local groups and other local companies and securities.

With over 35 years of valuable experience in Share Registration Services, we excel on the back of our refined methodologies and processes. We ensure strict quality control by employing multi-level checks and involving senior management levels for important processes and operations. Internal control aspects have been carefully built into all our systems and procedures. 

Inhouse IT, legal and dividend taxation support ensures quality, adaptability to changes and speedy processing of transactions and corporate actions. Stringent compliance with corporate laws and regulations, including Share Registration and Balloters Regulations 2017, forms the bedrock of our operations. We offer client focused personalized service with direct access to our senior management.

Core Values

We strive to provide a broad and coordinated range of excellent, timely, value-for-money services that meet our client needs with total compliance to legal and regulatory parameters. At the organization level we commit ourselves to exceeding our client expectations by maintaining the highest service standards and fully exploiting the advantages of technology.

Our approach is to be responsive and accessible to our clients, and work with them as a team duly understanding their culture, policies and corporate objectives. Our core values form the basis of everything we do at FAMCO; from formal decision-making to how we conduct our business to awards and recognition. At FAMCO, we never forget what we stand for.

We recruit, train, develop and retain committed professionals with high integrity, intelligence, education, knowledge, and experience. We require them to conduct themselves in a diligent and professional manner and utilize their knowledge, expertise and insights to serve our clients. We provide them with challenging and rewarding careers and with opportunities for development in a professional environment.

People matter to FAMCO. We ensure a work environment where our people are safe, empowered and inspired every day to innovate and contribute towards a larger goal. The FAMCO family enjoys a culture of respect, trust and recognition where ideas are heard, performance is rewarded, and employees are encouraged to continuously grow and reinvent themselves.

Our Strength

Our Legacy

FAMCO Share Registration Services (Pvt) Limited, (FAMCO SRS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAMCO Associates (Pvt) Limited. FAMCO SRS operates under a license to act as a Share Registrar and Ballotter granted by SECP. Re-structuring of Share Registration business of FAMCO Associates under a wholly owned subsidiary was carried out in 2023 to enable greater focus on the exclusive business of Share Registration Service and to fully concentrate on development of the specialized service.

Our legacy can be traced back to Ferguson Associates (Pvt) Limited, which embarked on its journey of providing Share Registrar Services in 1988. Ferguson Associates started as an Advisory Section of A.F. Ferguson & Co, Chartered Accountants (a network firm of PwC) in 1963. The Advisory Section was corporatized in 1978 which later on demerged from A.F. Ferguson & Co. in 2002, to comply with the spirit of Code of Corporate Governance of 2002. Ferguson Associates was renamed FAMCO Associates in 2008.

Ferguson / FAMCO Associates has been a leading and well reputed Management Consultancy firm since its very inception, catering to consultancy appetite of prestigious multinationals, government / semi government corporations and large local groups.

About Famco SRS
FAMCO Share Registration Services (Pvt) Limited [FAMCO SRS] inherited the Share Registration Services in 2023 from its parent company
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